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                                   Our Pledge
 The Forest Products Certification Group, LLC is committed to
  1. Providing you with top notch, on-site service included in your annual fee.
  2. Providing you a reasonable, competitive cost, for all the benefits of FSC group certification, lower than if you were not in a group.
  3. Ensuring you will know your annual cost before you sign on as a member of the group.
  4. Ensuring the price that you pay each year will not be changed throughout your annual contract.
  5. No hidden costs. One price covers all.
  6. An honest estimate of your future cost for each year in the 5-year group certification period.
  7. The principle that if our costs don’t change, yours won’t.
We know it’s possible that new fees from FSC® may be passed on to us. Travel costs for audits may rise. FSC ® standards may create extra expenses for us. These and other circumstances may create the need for increased fees for your participation in the group. We are committed to no surprises. The pledge above ensures that you know what you are paying before you commit.
Please compare our service and our pledge components when you compare certification costs. Then call me.
 Douglas Patterson
Forest Products Certification Group, LLC
Why certify through this group?
The Forest Products Certification Group has low costs to you in comparison with most other certifiers. But, the lower cost is not the best reason for you to join with other companies like yours in this group. Read on.
Some certifiers and certification groups do not provide the level of hands-on, on-site service that we provide. We include the expert consulting service in our fee.  Forest Products Certification Group, LLC has a great incentive to keep your company as a member in good standing, readily able to a pass third party audit. We are committed to providing the assistance to you so you can enter and implement the program with confidence. 
Companies such as yours have experienced increasing fees for FSC certification each year.  Uncertainty in business is risky business.
Some quotes you receive from certification bodies may not be complete. Hidden costs may sometimes be added along the way. Fees are added for FSC ® costs to the certifying body. Fees are added for the costs of auditing you. With travel costs on the rise, you don't know what you will be paying. Before you become a member of the Forest Products Certification Group, you will know your complete cost - during each annual period - with no hidden costs to pop up later.
Our auditors are able to bring their expertise to your company to show you ways that you can significantly increase your bottom line though the FSC ® certification suite of options. For example, a lumber retailer may be able to create a new profit center through the adoption of a FSC ® Credit System with very little investment in certification changes. A credit system may be a mystery to you at this point.  You will be better able to make informed decisions based on good information about available options. We are present at your site, working in a confidential setting to help you make the most of your business.
What if your business sells more than
$5 million in wood products?
Oh no! My company sells more than the $5 million in gross wood sales, so I don't qualify. Well, our experienced auditors may be able to help you. For a consulting fee, they can develop your practical procedures, prepare  your documents, train your employees and be there for you to ensure that you are well-prepared to take on FSC ® certification. 
If that happens when you are already in the group, congratulations! There is no need to panic. You have a year to see if it is an isolated event or part of a trend. We will work with you when this happens. 
 Is your business here? 
If it is, please look over this web site to see if we can help you secure more business at a reasonable cost. 
  • Cabinet maker
  • Furniture maker
  • Wood specialty products
  • Sawmill
  • Retail lumber
  • Wholesale lumber
  • Building supplies
  • Log concentration yards
  • Veneer supplier
  • Timber Framer
  • Printing
  • Paper supplier
  • Paper cutter
  • printing outsourcer
  • Print Broker
  • ​Woodworkers supply
  • ​Millwork
  • LEED contractor or supplier
  • Wood importer
  • Any one of a number of forest related producers
    Why pay more for less?
    Why pay more for less?
    Why pay more for less?
    Why pay more for less?
    Why pay more for less?
    Why pay more for less?
    Why not pay less for more?
    Why pay more for less?
    Why pay more for less?
    Why pay more for less?
    Why pay more for less?
                                                             Why pay more for less?
    Why pay more for less?
    Is bureaucracy fun?
    It's easier with professional hands-on help.
    Isn't it nice not to pay extra for quality help?
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    FSC provides third-party certification confirming that materials sold as FSC certified are harvested from well-managed forest operations.
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