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                     This site is for companies that 
                      buy and sell forest products.                         
Our group certification provides businesses an opportunity to use  forest resources sustainably and to tell the world that we in the forest industry care about the future of our forests.

If you are looking for
FSC ® group certification, 
you have come to the right place.
To meet demand,
we have expanded our capacity
to accept new group members. 

Reserve your place now in one of these Forest Stewardship Council ® certification groups and benefit from
  • Low cost
  • No associations to join or to maintain membership
  • No hidden costs (Including no travel expenses or extra fees)
  • Hands-on, on-site service to save you the work and worry of the certification process
  • Practical and easily accessible help for all group members from experienced forest products and certification people who you will know and who will know you  
  • We generally can have you FSC certified very quickly
Please check out our FAQ page.
It is the most comprehensive resource for FSC ®  group that we have seen on the web.
We just answered questions that we were asked as we talked with business people like you.
If you are presenting your FSC findings to others in your company, you may find this a valuable resource to respond to the questions you are asked.
Join with others in our family of companies
who are already saving with group certification.
Reserve your place now! 
Call Bob Edmonds (603) 312-2065 or
We specialize in small businesses.
We focus on wood using businesses and printing companies.
We understand the practical needs for your business.
We have three certification groups to serve you.
Success filled the Forest Products Certification Group © to its allowable annual capacity for 2012. So we started a second group.  The second group, Renewable Resources Certification Group ©, also filled to capacity even before it was officially certified! To meet the  continuing demand, we started a third group,  Ever Green Certification Group ©.

Having three groups also provides flexibility for our groups' anniversary dates, saving you money when you join .  Ask me, Bob Edmonds, so I can explain how we work with you to find the most affordable way to become FSC certified.
We have provided FSC certification to 
group members in over 40 states and Puerto Rico.

We are proud of our size: Small!
We are small enough for us to know you and you to know us.
Help is always a phone call or email away.
Giving you one-to-one personal service is our favorite asset.
There is  a place for your company.
We are currently accepting commitments for companies to join our group.
Reserve your place now.

Additional ways for you to save
Do you belong any of these associations?
If so, we have arranged for a special price for you!
Timber Products Manufactures Association
Spokane, WA
Appalachian Hardwood
Manufacturers, Inc.
Vermont Wood
Manufacturers Association
New Hampshire Timberland
Owners Association
Empire State
Forest Products Association
Are you a Jeld-Wen
Windows and Door Dealer?
If so, be sure to mention this when you call or email. 
Jeld-Wen and the Forest Products Certification Group, LLC
 have teamed up to provide a
"double header" savings opportunity especially for you.
Loggers and Chip Suppliers
We have programs in place for paper companies and other large wood using companies. Complete your Chain of Custody back to the woods.
Are you a logger or are you a company that is looking to receive FSC certified wood from its suppliers?
We have the structure in place to handle from one logger to a large number of producers at one time, with affordable costs, no associations necessary to join and a fast time frame for certification.
Call now for a confidential tailor-made program for your company.
Are you an association?
Are you considering establishing an association for group certification?
Are you an association looking to develop a FSC® group certification program?
Please call me first.
We have the structure in place for you.
You don't need to take on the responsibilities, the legal and financial risks along with servicing obligations.
We will work with you to help your association and provide a benefit for your members.
These groups were designed for your company
Now there is an opportunity to cut Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) ® certification costs. Savings are available through group certification for companies which have less than $5 million in annual gross wood-related sales. The Forest Products Certification Group,LLC is a nationwide group manager that can accept primary processors, secondary wood processors, veneer companies, chip producers, loggers, sawmills, architectural millwork, cabinet makers, suppliers for LEED projects, printers, paper converters, retailers, wholesalers and brokers. 
Included in its annual fee, this group provides on-site, hands-on assistance with preparing all the documents and developing procedures.

We can handle your most complicated FSC certification needs.

The Forest Products Certification Group, LLC accepts companies wishing to buy and sell FSC Reclaimed Wood and  FSC Controlled Wood. The group will work with you to identify your needs and put together a practical program to meet those needs.  There are additional costs involved with reclaimed wood and controlled wood certification. (Please see the FAQ page for more details about controlled wood.)

Forest Products Certification Group, LLC has a public policy statement regarding wood sourcing for the three groups it manages, including FSC Controlled Wood sources.  It is available upon request. You can contact or you can use the form on our "Contact Us" page of this web site.

The Forest Products Certification Group © operates under the FSC Trademark Certification Code FSC-C109137. The Renewable Resources Certification Group ©  operates under the FSC Trademark Certification Code FSC-C113128. Ever Green Certification Group operates under FSC Trademark Certification Code FSC-C117062.
To learn how you can reserve your company’s place in the
Renewable Resources Certification Group ©
Forest Resources Certification Group ©
or in the
Ever Green Certification Group ©
Call Bob Edmonds (603) 312-2065 or
What we offer you
The Forest Products Certification Group, LLC provides an opportunity for companies that use forest products to buy and sell Forest Stewardship Council ® (FSC®) Certified products with professional experienced assistance and a reduced cost. Recent FSC rule changes allow companies with less than $5 million in annual gross wood sales to be certified through a group. Your benefits include 
  • Hands-on assistance from experienced FSC auditors.
  • Pay a lower price
  • No associations to join and maintain membership
  • We develop practical procedures so FSC certification blends into  your business rather than changing your business 
  • The group tracks FSC changes over the years so you will always be current with FSC standards.
  • We have the practical experience to serve you the way a business should expect.
  • We generally can get you FSC certified very quickly. Ask us!
We are proud that the Forest Stewardship SCS Global Systems recognize the Forest Products Certification Group, LLC with Forest Stewardship Council ®Chain of Custody Certification.

You can be a part of this group of businesses who have chosen to enhance their business opportunities through FSC ® certification.
Why is FSC certification good for your business?
It brings you more business
Holding an FSC ® Chain of Custody (CoC) certificate entitles companies to market and sell products as “FSC Certified.”
Being FSC ®Certified shows potential buyers that your company meets independent, respected standards.
FSC Certification allows entry into markets limited to FSC ® Certified suppliers.
Often customers and suppliers are required to complete their "Chain of Custody" documentation in order for them to maintain their own certification. Sometimes its providing FSC ®documentation going back to the source in the forest. Large suppliers are often required to show the documentation chain through to the retail dealer. Your company's ability to meet their needs is important to them and therefore is important to your business.
FSC enhances your chances to capture projects, such as in LEED certified buildings. in public buildings and for companies wishing to showcase their environmental awareness provide unique opportunities for FSC ® Certified suppliers. Often, public recognition is included along with the income.
FSC ® Certification allows new potential customers and purchasing agents to know something about you that is a positive.
By offering FSC ® Certification in public settings, you become known as a supplier in that niche. Others, not included on lists and in publications, may lose the sale for not being thought of a potential supplier.

Being viewed as a source for environmentally sustainable products has brought in customers and winning bids, even when non-certified products are involved in their purchase. Bringing potential customers to your door is one of the best reasons to being known as a FSC ® certified source.
FSC Certification provides a level playing field among contenders for product sales in the arena of demonstrating a concern for the environment.  
FSC Certification may be used in supporting the pricing of products.
Some business folks holding FSC ® Certification justify it by saying, “Lose a sale; lose an account.”
Confirms that you are socially responsible
FSC ® Certification provides respected, independent verification that the company is an environmentally responsible entity.
FSC ® provides independent, third-party confirmation that the company’s product sources do not contain illegally harvested wood and the company is part of the effort to reduce the risk of illegal logging violations.
 Builds Valuable relationships
Customers respect the fact that companies are environmentally conscious.
The community respects companies that show a concern for the environment.
Craftspeople and other company employees respect an employer who cares about people and the environment. This may be one of the most important, yet least thought of, benefits of FSC ® Certification.
You are able to provide inspiration and leadership within your industry through FSC ® Certification.
FSC ® Certification is good for the environment and is good for the image of your industry.
"Stress Free FSC®"
The only pace that you will hear this phrase is here!
Bureaucracy is expensive. Time, cost and stress. Please don’t buy it.
We have the solution!
Certification of forest products has a reputation of being bureaucratic, cumbersome and a stress maker.  Often, hands-on service is not available. If you are not in a group, your certifying body is precluded by FSC ® from helping you prepare your FSC ® documents.  This is because they would be auditing their own work. 
Not all groups offer hands-on service for preparing FSC documents and may even require that you hire an accountant (likely unfamiliar with FSC certification requirements) to do your FSC paperwork and audits. Some companies hire a consultant to prepare their FSC ® documents.  Probably most do the work in-house, which is far from free.  Documents must be written in FSC ® terms and seem convoluted and complicated. I have personally witnessed the person assigned to prepare the FSC documents in a company spend three days trying to figure out a single document that our group’s representative can prepare in about fifteen minutes.  Frustration, stress and unnecessary costs are the result.
Please don’t purchase an expensive bureaucratic headache! There is no need to.
The Forest Products Certification Group LLC provides the hands-on service you need in preparing the documents that you need to become FSC ®certified. The stress evaporates when you have a friendly knowledgeable person who will do the work and ensure that you understand what you need to know to be comfortable with your new FSC ®certification.
For companies that require an on-site visit, your assistance is hands-on and on site. Required training for your people can be provided by our group’s internal auditor. We will track FSC ® changes over they ears so you will not have to. Our job is to ensure that you comfortably meet the FSC ® standards.  If you have problems, we are readily available to help. You will be able to talk with or email people who you know and who know you.
This service is provided at no additional cost.  How can we do it? Since we prepare and work with these documents every day, our cost is not great.  We are allowed to provide this service while most others are forbidden, are unwilling or are unable to provide it. Since we need to be with you at the beginning and once each year, it makes a valuable and affordable package for our group to provide our group members.  This level of service is hard to find in FSC ®certification. We are proud of what we offer.
There is more to group certification than the lower annual fees. Right from the start, our on-going hands-on service makes a significant difference in your real bottom line.
If you qualify, you can receive substantial assistance and pay a lot less.
The Forest Products Certification Group, LLC 
can  provide you with

  • Practical information and person-to-person clarification to take the mystique out of how you can certify your products.
  • Guidance so you can choose an affordable method that fits your needs.
  • Hands-on assistance in the development of documents and procedures for your chain of custody system.
  • Training for your staff for their responsibilities relating to FSC certification.
  • Tracking FSC ® changes over the years so you will always be current with standards.
  • On-site help for your company to ensure that you do well when audited.
Highest Level Professional Leadership and Technical Knowledge                

Doug Patterson, CEO of Forest Products Certification, LLC, has been actively involved in the Forest Stewardship Council from the time when the FSC certification system was first established.  He is among the most knowledgeable in the US about FSC standards and the opportunities available. He has a philosophy of ensuring that we stay close to our group members, be easily available and ready to work with each of those in out group to provide the best hands-on assistance possible.  He leads a team that takes a practical approach to FSC certification, keeping your costs, staff time and stress level low. 
Personal service for you. Call me.

The Forest products Certification Group, LLC was formed specifically to meet the needs of companies that meet FSC ® qualifications. The Forest Products Certification Group ©, the Renewable Resources Certification Group © and the Ever Green Certification Group © provide you with the ability to obtain FSC certification for your products, an option which may have been out of reach because of cost and the extra burdens placed upon company managers.

Call me directly and I will provide the complete information you need to make an informed decision. Personal service and no surprises. Refreshing in today's world.

I look forward to you inquiry.

Bob Edmonds
Group Member Services      

Call Bob Edmonds (603) 312-2065 or
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